Our Mission

 Express Property Photo offers sharp, properly exposed, and well composed images to real estate professionals. Our service is built around quick and easy delivery, and catering to realtor needs. With high customer satisfaction, our photos will help your properties stand out from others. We are always looking for feedback from our clients to improve and streamline our service.


Real Estate Images

All photoshoots are shot in RAW format. Images are then fully edited to the high standards of Express Property Photo. Depending on the client’s needs, photos are delivered the same day as the photoshoot in low or high-resolution JPEGS.

  • The client will receive a call or text to confirm the day before the scheduled photoshoot and to make sure the property is photo ready.
  • The day of the shoot the photographer on site will do a quick walk through with the client to go over any areas that need extra attention or areas that need to be excluded.
  • Depending on how photo ready the home is, the shoot typically lasts about 40 minutes.
  • The photographer will arrive about 1 hour before a twilight photoshoot to walk around the site and confirm with the client any areas that should be focused on. All lights in and on the property should be turned on. The shoot typically lasts about 30 minutes or less.

Express Property Photo uses ShootProof.com to deliver all images to their clients in a timely manner.

Floor Plans

Floor plans are an important part of real estate and Express Property photo provides next day delivery for all their clients. Our Photographer will use state of the art technology throughout the property on the day of the shoot. The technology makes it easy to complete an average home in 15 minutes or less.
We understand our clients are busy and they very much appreciate it when we can get the job done quickly.

World class photography

What clients say

“Denis is prompt and gives 100% every time. True professional. His photography skills are amazing. “

Cliff Hyppolite
Secure Realty Investments LLC

“Denis takes great pictures and is quick to get them to you. Fair prices too!”

Valerie Ribeiro
KKeegan Realty

“Denis is a true professional & makes the process seamless his photos are also incredible and he’s easy to work with!”

Christina Martinez
Weichert Realtors Briarwood Real Estate

“Denis is amazing ”

Miene Smith
Weichert Briarwood Real Estate

Let’s get in touch

When you contact us by phone/text or email, you will get a same day reply.

Getting your upcoming property scheduled quickly is our top priority. We know your time is precious.

Having a property photo ready is always optimal on the day of the photoshoot.